Buon Ma Thuot

Despite its quiet appearance, Buon Ma Thuot is very quickly developing. However, most of this development is from internal investment rather than the tourism industry. There are very few tourist sites, but the people are friendly, the coffee is great, and a stop here is well worth it to get off the beaten track and see Vietnamese city life that does not revolve around tourism.

 Buon Ma Thuot – It is also an excellent base of operations to visit Yok Don National Park, Ban Don Village, and Lak Lake.

Area : 19,800 sq km

Population : 1,226,000

Provincial capital : Buon Ma Thuot City

Districts : Kien Duc, Dac Nong, Tuy Duc, Krong No, Dac Min, Lak, Krong Ana, Krong Bong, M’Drac, Krong Pach, Chu Mgar, Ban Don, Easup, Eah Leo, Krong Nang, Ba Ka.

Buon Ma Thuot

Ban Don Village

Dac Lac, the largest province in Tay Nguyen Highlands, is located southeast of the Truong Son Mountains and shares a 240 km border with Cambodia. Though the population of Dac Lac is not large, it includes several different ethnic minorities such as Kinh, E De, Gia Rai, and M’nong.`

Buon Ma Thuot

E De People

The area has a tropical climate with the distinct dry and rainy seasons. The rainy season lasts from May to November when the temperature varies between 20 and 25oC(Buon Ma Thuot).

Dac Lac has many beautiful lakes such as Ea Kao, Eas No, Eo Don. Lac Lake is where the M’nong minority has been living for many generations. Dac Lac’s historical vestiges include Buon Ma Thuot Prison, Dak Tua underground tunnels, and Bao Dai King’s building(Buon Ma Thuot). 

Buon Ma Thuot

Lac Lake

Daclac province is located in the Daclac plateau, one of the three large plateaus in the central Highlands. Daclac plateau, 600 meters above sea level, is blessed with basaltic soil. The southern part of the province is lower and has several bodies of water.  Buon Ma Thuot which is 536 meters above sea level is the provincial capital of Daclac(Buon Ma Thuot). It is situated in the middle of the largest settlement on the Central Highlands. The majority of the local inhabitants are the E De people, one of the several groups of ethnic minority on the Central Highlands.  The peculiar trait of the city is that there are many town houses made of wood in the inner city while many other houses in the suburbs are those on stilt. The city is also surrounded by fruit gardens, rubber plantations, coffee gardens, and vegetables.  Buon Ma Thuot is 1,399 kilometers south of Hanoi .

Buon Ma Thuot

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