Ca Mau

This city is the capital of Ca Mau Province. The whole province in the south of the country is far from any travel routes, which leads to almost non existing international tourism. So far its more an attraction for Vietnamese travelers. In spite of its rapid economic development in the last years - in particular through aquaculture, fisheries and fish processing - the town is not touristic. Interesting for a stroll (albeit less for private shopping) around the wholesale market on the riverbank. On the river itself, there is also a colorful floating market, which is particularly active in the...

A paradise for bird watchers and nature lovers

The area of Ca Mau is very salty and mostly covered by swamps and mangrove forests, which were partly destroyed during the war. The area is particularly interesting for bird and nature lovers, many rare birds settled down here, but also monkeys, snakes and other reptiles as well as many mosquitos. Today the mangrove forests are threatened especially by the fast expanding shrimp farming. However, through fish and shrimp farming the formerly very poor region came at least to some prosperity. The area of Ca Mau with its numerous waterways can easily be explored by boat(Ca Mau).

Ca Mau

Ca Mau Overview

A special attraction are the many original creeks that meander wildly through the countryside – there are mighty river arms, several hundred meters wide, wish roam through the green province. The way the whole delta looked before the many canals were drawn. The coasts are fringed by extensive mangrove forests(Ca Mau).

U Minh forest – a large forest-swamp area in Ca Mau

The U Minh forest is situated north of the city and covers an area of 1,000 km ². During the war it was a favorite retreat of the Vietcong fighters. Within this period the swamp forest suffered a lot. In a reforestation program numerous eucalyptus trees were planted, as they have proved to be resistant to the defoliant Agent Orange. Bird enthusiasts can also explore this area by boat.

Ca Mau

U Minh forest

The tourist infrastructure in this remote area is still quite modest. Travelers who want to travel off the beaten track are in very good hands here(Ca Mau).

The trip to Ca Mau can be made by speed boat, bus, car or via Vietnam Airlines, departing from Ho Chi Minh City(Ca Mau).

Hon Khoai Island is is one of the well-known landscapes of the southernmost province of Ca Mau, about 15kilometres from the mainland(Ca Mau).

Hon Khoai, the biggest of a group of islets, is a rocky island including hills and forests which have different kinds of precious wood like the “Star” wood. It attracts lots of tourists in Vietnam travel coming there to admire its natural landscapes(Ca Mau). 

The local people get used to call it Hon Khoai because it looks like the shape of a giant potato. The island is not only a well-known landscape of Ca Mau Province but also a revolutionary site in the south-western region of the south. In 1940, under the leadership of the Communist Party, the locals and soldiers re-took the island from French invaders(Ca Mau).
Ca Mau

Hon Khoai Island

A path to the top of the island zigzags round the hillside and is shadowed by high and big trees. Jackfruit and mango trees are seen lush and many of them have become century-old trees. Various wild flowers blossom in rock cavities as though specially placed there as part of some artistic arrangement. The sound of running water and the chirping of birds complete a heavenly beauty. On the Hon Khoai coast, there are numerous algae used to cook delicious dishes. There are many species of birds, some of which such as: wild geese and swallows, have made Hon Khoai their home(Ca Mau).

On the Hon Khoai coast, there are numerous algae which can be cooked into delicious dishes. There are also many species of birds on the island, including wild geese and swallows(Ca Mau).

Although Ca Mau is very far from Ho Chi Minh City, but this place is very special destination for those like discovering(Ca Mau).

Ca Mau

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