Chinese town

China Town is located in District 5 of Ho Chi Minh City. Many Chinese people have lived there for a long time. They earn for their livings by different activities.

Chinese town
Chinese town

Visitors in Vietnam tourism will see many stores selling Chinese medicine, which makes this area more noticeable.
Saigon’s Chinatown- Ho Chi Minh City- Vietnam

Chinese arch in China Town
In Ho Chi Minh City, there is a small area that many Chinese people have lived for a long time. The area is called China Town which locates in District 5 . Here Chinese people live and support their lives by many of different activities such as opening food stall serving traditional food in Chinese taste, opening shops selling stuffs or clothes. One noticeable characteristic of this area is that there are many stores selling Chinese medicine, especially on Hai Thuong

Lan Ong Street.
Saigon’s Chinatown- Ho Chi Minh City- Vietnam
Selling Chinese Medicine in Saigon’s Chinatown

It was not as hot or humid as I expected. I didn’t even use the mini electric fan that I brought along. Perhaps, it was cloudy on that day. It was quite a leisurely walk although we have to stop often to give way to workers carrying goods.

We bought 4 bamboo lamps at 70,000VND each (about SGD5) with approximately 25cm diameter (screw type) (without plug, just a wire hanging out which I have to fix a new one with my country’s 3-pin plug).

Bought some Lotus Seed snacks at 180,000VND per kilogram for the sweetened type and 240,000VND per kilogram for the unsweetened type. (Co-op supermarket and Tax Centre supermarket are selling at 60,000VND for 200grams). Taste differs slightly for all 3 types(sweetened, unsweetened, supermarket) and to first-timer like me, I like all 3 tastes. You may try them before you buy. We sampled many stalls before we settled for one stall who gave us a small discount. Tastes & Prices differ slighly among the stalls so, if you’re particular about them, try all before you decide.

There were one long row of hot food stalls where a lot of locals are buying food from.
We did not eat there as the row behind the food stalls were selling fresh meats and seafood.
And, we were reluctant to try the hot food in the front row even though it looked acceptably clean.

Visiting this area, visitors in Vietnam travel will get the chance to see how Chinese medicine was made and used as well as enjoy the delicious dishes in Chinese taste. Many of the dishes are really good such as noodle, rice and wontons. Visitors can also visit many tourist attractions in the district such as Thien Hau Pagoda on Nguyen Trai street which is the oldest pagoda built by Chinese in the city or the old buildings built based on Chinese structure on Trieu Quang Phuc street. Another place that visitors joining tours in Vietnam cannot miss is Binh Tay Market on Thap Muoi Street. It was built 70 years ago and is always attractive to foreign visitors in Vietnam tourism not only because of its special structure but also its exciting and lively atmosphere.
Saigon’s Chinatown- Ho Chi Minh City- Vietnam

Binh Tay Market- Ho Chi Minh City
China Town or Cho Lon is in district 5 which is near District 1; therefore visitors can easily visit here. From District 1, all you need to do is following Tran Hung Dao street which is named the main route of getting into China Town. This street links the two districts: district 1 and district 5 so it is very convenient for you. If you travel by bus, you can take bus No.1 at Ben Thanh bus station. It will take you go through the China Town. You can choose to get off at any stop you like.
There is no need to China; you still feel how life of Chinese is! It is to visit China town in Ho Chi Minh City if you have a chance.

Chinese town

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