Coc Ly Market

From Dist. Lao Cai, following the national highway 4D, visitors will come to Bao Thang district, Lao Cai province. Turn left and follow provincial road 154 which sneaks through the country side along the Chay River for 17 km to Coc Ly.

Coc Ly Market
Coc Ly Market

 Coc Ly market in Lao Cai is market of ethnic living in the northwest of Bac Ha district. The market has meeting beside suspension bridge across the Chay River. It opens only on Tuesday.

Takes place only on Tuesday, the Coc Ly market locate on a hill side lying along the famous Chay river and surrounded by two lush mountain ranges, this market is quite small but very colourful, you will meet here several ethnic minorities such as Flower Hmong, Black Zao, Phu La, Nung and Tay. The trip offers you go to Ta thang-cao son-muong khuong village,rice terrace field. ha long bay on land, big lake

From a distance, Coc Ly is a beautiful and vivid picture. Adorned for the beautiful landscape, once the top of Mong, Dao, Tay, Nung… wear traditional costumes from all the villages pull to fair.

The market is divided into separate zones: the zone for selling brocade, the zone for selling traditional cuisines. The difference of this fair is not only the place for people selling or exchanging goods but also for excursions sing the love song… Visitors can take photos with relatives or friends to celebrate where they go and do in Coc Ly market.

If you want to visit the most unspoiled market in the Sapa region, go to Coc Ly. This town lies 60 miles from Sapa (95km). It will take you two and a half hours to get to Coc Ly. The market takes place on Tuesdays mornings. You should leave Sapa at 7 am in order to get there around 10 am. In this market you will see people belonging to the following ethnic minorities: Black Dao, Flower C’mon, Fula, Lachi, Nung, Sandui and Tay.

Coc Ly Market

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