Con Rang Hue

There was no corpse of most of the graves but only coals inside and outside...Dr. Liem Bui Van, leader of the excavating team said: this was the excavation of the second largest relics in the history of Vietnam, only follow the relics of Lung Leng in Kon Tum Province.

Con Rang is one of the biggest graves of Sa Huynh culture since about 2500 yeas ago. In 1987, teacher and students of Hue scientific university came to Con Rang Hue and found 3 jars with big size along with pottery relic, jewelry. Up to now, archaeologist excavated 217 graves, distributed in cluster, triangle and pentagon. This grave has some types: cylindrical shape, ovoid shape and spherical shape. The jars were decorated with many patterns. In general, This grave was not complied with any rules.

Con Rang Hue

Con Rang

By the research on the land of Con Rang which contained a large amount of agate jewelry, ironic tools, ceramic house commodities…, we can predicted that Con Rang was one of the largest graves of the Sa Huynh 2500 years ago. Moreover, this research also showed that the people of Con Rang also reached great achievements in the physical and spiritual life; became experienced in agriculture, cattle-breeding and fishery ect.

During the time excavating Con Rang Hue relic, with the help of local people, archaeologist found relic of jar grave in the different spots of Con Rang Hue neighbor such as: Con Dai, Bau Dung, Cua Thien, Phu Oc… In addition, This place is far about 2500 meters from Thap village, Huong Xuan commune; Huong Tra district to the northeast, there has many legends such as Ba Vang temple, ba loi temple…which are precious documentation in the research process the basic period in Thua Thien Hue province and Con Rang. Thua Thien Hue province has pound of the large jar grave which belongs to Sa Huynh culture in Con Rang.

It is very easy to go to Hue from any city in Vietnam, take flight or train or bus from Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City/ Saigon. There are many different cultures in Hue, and arrive this city you also enjoy so many delicious dishes by locals.

Con Rang Hue

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