Duong No Village Hue

Duong No village is the place where Ho Chi Minh and his father lived. Here, there has stored the house that associated with his childhood.

Duong No Village Hue
Duong No Village Hue

The village is situated along the road to Thuan An beach, far about 8 kilometers from Hue. This is the ancient village of Vietnamese. Few centuries ago, Duong No is the vivid and prosperous village.

Communal house in the village was built a long time. Duong No communal house has the famous for scale architecture: beautiful and solemn- one typical relic for Vietnam ancient village model.

In 1898, Mr. Nguyen Sinh Huy was invited Mr. Nguyen Viet Tuyen in order to teach his sons. In that time, Nguyen Sinh Cung came to Duong No village with his father. Here, he started studying Chinese characters along with father’s students. Mr.Do gives Mr. Huy the house to use as accommodation and teach students. Ho Chi Minh lived with his father in Duong No village until 1990, he came back to centre city to live with his mother: Ms. Hoang Thi Loan at 112 Mai Thuc Loan, Hue…

The house in Duong No village Hue was built forward to Southeast which is far about 30 meters from Pho Loi River. The house was destroyed by the fire, Mr. Do built 1 room. After the South Vietnam liberation, local people maintained and restored like the old architecture in order to show the beloved and admiration with Uncle Ho.  

Later on, the house was burnt. Mr Do had one room and two wings rebuilt. After 1975, our country was reunified, the local people have preserved and restored this house following the former architecture so that it can be used as a place of memory, which shows the high esteem and admiration of the people to the great leader of our people.

Nowadays, when tourists come to Duong No village Hue, they will not only be able to see the house which preserves many souvenirs of the childhood of Uncle Ho during the years he lived here, the river, the boat landing, Am Ba temple, the first-seven-family worshipping house of the village. They are the places where Uncle Ho used to come to study and to play with his friends…

Today, tourists come to Duong No village Hue visit the house which Uncle Ho lived, visit ancient communal house in village, river, Am Ba temple, Bay church… The childhood in Hue is the important period to form personality of Ho Chi Minh.

Duong No Village Hue

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