Hanoi Cooking Class

How great would it be to be able to return home from your time in Vietnam, to dazzle your family and friends with mouth-watering delicacies like Banana Flower Salad, Bun Cha and Fresh Spring Rolls.

The Hidden Hanoi Cooking school is located at 147 Nhgi Tam Rd in our newly, perposely built kitchen.

All the Menus we offer are made with recipes developed by Hidden Hanoi, using ingredients that can be found in most well stocked Asian grocery stores. So you can easily replicate them in your own kitchen

We will not just only show you how to cook but also we will teach you more about Vietnamese culture through out the course with the short movie demonstrating a traditional Vietnamese kitchen; by explaining the importance of rice and its cultural significance; the different spices, when and how they are used; the market; and of course fish sauce.

Hanoi Cooking Class 92

Welcome to Hanoi Cooking Center (HCC) with a cup of Vietnamese special tea “La Han”. You will then get brief introduction about Vietnamese cuisine, and the highlights of traditional meals. Take a short walk to the Chau Long Market where you can enjoy a tour of the market highlights with the ‘wet’, unusual fruits, livestock, silk worms and take the photos of those. Back to HCC and commence the cooking class; then enjoy a meal upon its completion. The tour starts from 09.00 am-12.30 pm and 18.00-21.30 pm. Meal is included.

The first Guest to book may choose from one of these 5 different menus (so book early if you have a special request):


    • Fresh Spring Rolls with Prawns
    • Papaya Salad
    • Sweet and Sour Prawns
    • Sour Fish Soup

This lightly balanced summer meal showcases several typical Vietnamese cooking techniques such as rolling, stir-frying and dipping!

Street Food

    • Fresh Bun Noodle and mixed herb Salad
    • Marinated and BBQ’d Pork
    • Ngoc mum (fish sauce) soup with green papaya and carrot
    • Fried Vietnamese Spring Rolls

This menu is a speciality on Hanoi’s streets. Typicaly served at lunch, the soup is served cold in Summer and warm in Winter.

Village Menu

    • Water Spinach Salad/season vegetable
    • Claypot Stewed Eggplant with Pork
    • Mussel Soup
    • Tofu with fresh Tomato Sauce

(We offer fresh spring rolls for the group over 4)

This is the sort of meal Vietnamese peasants might eat at harvest time. They will harvest water spinach from the tocal pond and catch small crabs around the ricefield to make a simple soup eaten with salted small eggplant.


    • Fried tofu balls
    • Vegetarian curry
    • Boiled Susu with salted peanuts
    • Beansprout soup

Not even fish sauce is used in these special dishes traditional prepared for the monks in the pagodas and for vegetarians during the full moon.

Hanoi Cooking Class

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