Lang Son

Lang Son is a frontier mountainous province in the North-East of Vietnam. It shares border with Cao Bang Province on the south, Bac Giang Province on the north, Guangxi (China) on the east, Quang Ninh Province on the north-east and Bac Kan, Thai Nguyen provinces on the west.

Mountains and hills cover over 80% of the province’s total area. The complex network of rivers makes a good condition for agriculture. Main rivers that run through the province are: Ky Cung, Ba Thin, Bac Giang, Bac Khe, Thuong, Hoa, and Trung rivers.

Lang Son has two international border gates including Dong Dang railway border gate and Huu Nghi road border gate, two national border gates such as Chi Ma (in Loc Binh District) and Binh Nghi (in Trang Dinh District)… So Lang Son has an important strategic position in the North-East of Vietnam.

Lang Son

Lang Son overview

The climate is cool and temperate. Annual average temperature is 21.5ºC. Annual average rainfall is from 1200mm to 1600mm.

Tourism in Lang Son Vietnam North- East Tours

Lang Son has potentiality of mineral, forestry, tourism and trading. Star aniseed (hoa hoi) is a specialty. The province is proud of many culture and historical vestiges. They are Rampart of Mac Dynasty, Doan Citadel Vestige, Chi Lang Defile, Ky Cung and Bac Le temples. Apart of these, Ky Lua Market, To Thi and Mau Son mountains, Tam Thanh, and Nhi Thanh grottoes also attract many visitors every year. Especially, lots of people come to Ky Lua and Tam Thanh markets to shopping because the goods are abundant and cheap.

Coming to there, tourists are interesting in Ky Lua or Long Tong traditional festivals. They would like to taste special dishes: roast duck, roast pig, Mau Son wine and lam rice.

Festivals in Lang Son

Tam Thanh Pagoda Festival in Lang Son

Time: The 15th day of the first lunar month.

Location: Lang Son City, Lang Son Province.

Objects of worship: Buddha.

Activities: Unicorn dance, breeding young fish to the lake and the stream, lion dance, human chess playing.

Lang Son

Tam Thanh Pagoda

Ta Va Pagoda Festival

Time: 12th day to the 15th day of the fourth lunar month.

Location: Chi Lang Commune, Trang Dinh District, Lang Son Province.

Objects of worship: The Buddha, Agriculture genie, Quan Cong and Luu Bi.

Activities: Praying for good crops, worshipping, human chess playing.

What to do in Lang Son

Highlights of Lang Son are the two large and beautiful caves just 2.5km from Lang Son’s centre named Tam Thanh and Nhi Thanh. Both are illuminated and have Buddhist altars inside. Or big shopping days at Dong Kinh Market, where lots of cheap items from China sold here. Lang Son is also famous for winter fruits like peaches, pears, plums and persimmons as well as grilled duck and pork in Chinese cuisine. People also come here to cross to China over Dong Dang border gate, 20 km from Lang Son.

When to go to Lang Son?

In Lang Son, there is a clear distinction between seasons of a typical climate of the Northern Vietnam. Annual average temperature is from 17 to 22o Celsius. And, you could travel to Lang Son by bus from Hanoi.

Travel Tips for Lang Son:

For those who enter Vietnam from China through Lang Son, you MUST have the correct entry point (Dong Dang) marked on your visa, otherwise you may be turned away. This can create a problem as you would have already officially left China.

Lang Son

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