Marble Mountain

Ngu Hanh mountain in Danang comprises 5 mountains: Kim mountain (metal); Moc mountain (wood); Thuy mountain (water); Tho mountain (earth); Hoa mountain (Fire)(Hoa mountain consist of two peaks); King Minh Mang in 1837 named the mountains after the five basic elements of the universe

.Marble MountainThe lower peak in the south is called Trung Thai, tourist can view the sky gate, western wind cave, eastern wind cave, Van Thong cave, Thien Long cave, Van Nguyet grotto.The lowest peaks is Hoa Thai in the east, consists of Vong Hai Dai( sea-viewing pavilion), Linh Ung pagoda, Tang Chon pagoda, Ba Co, Tien well(fairy well) and Am Phu cave( hell cave).

Following 156 stone steps lead to Tam Quan old gates (three gates) of Tam Thai pagoda where houses “fire heart” and bell carved Minh Mang name. The pagoda was built in 1630 and rebuilt in 1825 by King Minh Mang. Standing in Vong Giang Dai( river-viewing pavilion) and Vong Hai Dai( sea-viewing pavilion), tourist can view the sights of a beautiful countryside near Co Co river and immense sea area.

The landscape in the cave is so imposing. The sunlight shine on the sandstone cliffs creating so many different shadows; tourist can discover and enjoy it by themselves.


In the west of the sites, there are many beautiful natural caverns. In Kim Son Mountain have Thai Son pagoda, Quan The Am pagoda and cave, Tam Thanh cave. In Hoa Son has Linh Son pagoda, Huyen Vi cave, Pho Da Son cave.


Quan The Am and Huyen Vi caves make fascinating and charming to visitors by Buddhist statue made of sandstone. Buddhist monk Thich Phap Nhan discovered the cave in 1956, the gate is far from the hill foot about 10m;you can follow natural stone steps to go down to hillside.In front of the entrance of the cave is a stalagmite block shaped into Bodhisattava Kwan Yin with a human height with her right hand raising the Holy water vase. There is a nice layer of glittering marble covering from her shoulder and going along the height of the statue.


In the cave, there are also three Buddhist items including bell, drum and stone having real sound. At the end of the cave is the fresh pool, called Cam Lo pool.

Tourist should read the guide map at the hill foot or follow the guide board to get necessary information.


Marble Mountain

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