Moc Chau

April 30 and May Day were our national holiday, plus weekend, so we had a long holiday this year. Myself and two Vietnamese girls rented a 4 seater car with driver and traveled 192km to Mộc Châu highlands in north west Vietnam.

“So poetry” is the word to feature the beauty of the mountains and forests of Moc Chau – Son La. This is a place that many backpacker love. They arrive and always want to go back.

Moc Chau - Son La

Moc Chau – Son La

In the middle of Moc Chau plateau is a microclimate where summer has 200C average temperature and winter is drier than in other regions. In addition to, Moc Chau also owns many historical sites, Son Moc Huong Cavern, pine forests, Chien Vien pagoda, Dai Yem waterfall, Phieng Luong peak, and the culture of Mong people and Dao people in Van Ho.  Besides, the plateau is famous for pan-pipe dancing performance, traditional dishes, specialties, and handicraft products bearing old cultural identity.


Moc Chau

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