Phu Cam Conical Hat, Hue

Phu Cam trade village is traditional handicraft village in Hue. One of the famous places of 'non' – conical hat profession over the years is the Phu Cam village. Phu Cam village is also known as the Phuoc Vinh precinct that is located in the heart of Hue city, southern part of An Cuu River.

 Since the seventeenth century, a group of parishioners in Phu Cam Conical Hat was formed by the French priest who established priest in 1680. This place developed ‘non’ trade village and residents depends on its income.

Phu Cam Conical Hat, Hue

Phu Cam Conical Hat, Hue

Location: Phu Cam Conical Hat  is also known as Phuoc Vinh Ward, lying right in Hue inner city, south of An Cuu river bank.

Characteristics: Hue conical hat or Phu Cam Conical Hat  has not only a beautiful form but also modest color. It is light and so thin that light seems to pierce through it. Through natural light, one can see Hue landscapes with verses engraved on paper placed between two layers of leaves.

The Phu Cam Conical Hat form depends primarily on its frame, ensuring the technique of shaping the top, and of keeping equal distance between brims and roundness of brims. After the frame, comes the selection of hat leaves which should have a greenish white color. Leaves should be neither too young nor too old, only 8-9 are enough for making one hat. Following the choice of leaves is the process of drying and treatment. The Hue graceful conic hat has a frame of 16 big and small brims. Brims are curved into circumferences with the two ends skillfully tied by a small cotton thread. Handicraft workers carefully place and stitch greenish white leaves on the frame with a special thread made of transparent resistant silk. “Non Bai Tho” – Conical hat with inscribed verses – is an integral part of Hue culture. The production of hats in Hue is not only a handicraft but also an art which provides the society with artistic products.

When you arrive in Hue, do not forget to buy one as a souvenir for friends or relatives.

Phu Cam Conical Hat, Hue

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