Tam Duong Market

Located on the foot of Giang Ma Pass, Tam Duong market is one of the most colourful markets in the northwest of Vietnam.

Tam Duong Market
Tam Duong Market

This small town is a real picture postcard, with hundreds of green rocky peaks emerge from the clouds. Their slopes are home to ethnic villages (Lu, Red Hmong, Giay, Man Tien).

The town of Tam Duong is on the other side of the hill to Sapa. By the way to 1900 m altitude, is the Tram Ton Pass the highest in Vietnam and is considered the most beautiful country road.

The local weekly market takes place every Thursday, Sunday and will let you immerse yourself in the lives of ethnic groups.

The friendly local people and fascinating scenery make Tam Duong become a friendly and safe tourist attraction in Vietnam.

If you go there on a Thursday or Sunday, you will have chance to see many local ethnic minority people in their colourful traditional dress like the Lu, the Zay, the Black Zao, the Lao, the Black Thai. These people living high in the mountains, go down hill to the market not only for trading but also for socalising, sharing farm-working experience, celebrating anniversaries and so on.

Although the market is not really big, it is full of products and activities of the local people. Especially on market day there are larger animals such as buffalo, horses and pigs being sold or exchanged in the open-air part of the market.

To visit the market you drive one of the most amazing roads in Vietnam with spectacular views of Hoang Lien mountain range and Tam Duong valley.

Tam Duong Market

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