Thanh Hoa

Thanh Hoa is located at the head of the narrow waste that connects with the head of northern ViêtNam. It is bordered on the north by Son La, Hoa Binh and Ninh Binh; on the south by Nghe An; on the east by the coast of the South China Sea; on the west by the Laos border.

Its capital and largest city is Thanh Hoa City with a population of 176,400. The province has a seaside resort called Sầm Sơn, which is situated about 15 km from the provincial capital. The largest towns are Bỉm Son (pop. 53,000) and Sầm Sơn (pop. 52,000).

Thanh Hoa

Sam Son beach

About people, Thanh Hoa is the third largest population in Vietnam, with more than 3 million citizens. More, Thanh Hoa is the land of various ethnic minorities like Muong, Thai, Tho, Dao and H’Mong.


Tourism in Thanh Hoa
About the tourist attractions, the Ho Citadel and Sam Son Beach are the most well-known names. Besides, Ba Trieu Pagoda, Holy Fish Pond and Ben En National Park are also very attractive.

Thanh Hoa

Ho Citadel

The Ho Citadel was built in the 14th century by Ho Quy Ly. This special 600-year-old citadel was made from giant and sophisticated carving stones. There are three parabolic gates at the entrance with similar height (5.82 with the central gate and 5.75 with the others). The highest wall is in the front gate (more than 10m). In the middle of June, 2012, the Ho Citadel was recognized by the UNESCO as one of the world heritages.

Located 16km from Thanh Hoa City, SamSon Beach attracts lot of visitors to relax and bath. Beside the beach, SamSon offers scenic spots such as TrongMai Rocks, DocCuoc Temple and Mount CoTien.

Tourists also like to discover Ben En National Park in NhuThanh, NhuXuan districts. The park is a complex of tropical forests, hills, mountains, rivers, springs, and Muc Lake. With natural landscapes and diversified flora and fauna, BenEn is suitable to eco-tourism, sightseeing, and scientific studies.

Thanh Hoa

Ben En National Park

Cam Luong Fish Spring is another interesting place in ThanhHoa, The stream contains thousands of fish that no one dares catch it. Fish in the stream have red mouth and fins, and brown scales, resembling carp. Please come to this place to play with fish, visit beautiful caves and grottos, watch dancing performances of Muong people and enjoy traditional lam rice and can wine.

Thanh Hoa

Cam Luong Fish Spring

In addition of these, ThanhHoa is famous of historical vestiges like HamRong Bridge, Ho Citadel and LamKinh Remains. LamSon is the birthplace of national hero LeLoi and the starting point of the LamSon revolutionary insurrection.


Economy in Thanh Hoa:
Forestry, marine resources and minerals.


Natural beauty sights in Thanh Hoa:
Sam Son Resort with wide, smooth beaches lapped by emerald waters (2), and a view of the Truong Le Mountain.


Markets in Thanh Hoa:
Nga Son Mat Market, Thanh Hoa; Flower Garden Market, Le Van Phuong Street, Lam Son, Thanh Hoa


Transport in Thanh Hoa:
Thanh Hoa is 153 kilometres south of Ha Noi; 139 kilometres north of Vinh; 502 kilometres north of Hué; 16 kilometres west of Sam Son Beach. Thanh Hoa is serviced by rail and road.


Rail in Thanh Hoa:
Thanh Hoa is a scheduled stop for Express Trains.


Road in Thanh Hoa
Services from Ha Noi’s Southern Bus Station are scheduled every four hours en route to Ninh Binh, Vinh and other destinations on National Highway 1

Thanh Hoa

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