Thieu Tri Tomb, Hue

Tomb of Thieu Tri (8km) - built in 1848. This Emperor and his wife were the most revered and loved throughout the country.

 Although he only ruled for 7 years, he was the most sorely missed. In a time of strife and economic problems, he was careful with the country’s Treasury and made sure to improve his people’s living standards. His last will was that he be placed in a tomb that was not extragavant, parting ways with the tradition of creating lavish final resting places for their Emperors.

Thieu Tri Tomb, Hue

Thieu Tri Tomb, Hue

Thieu Tri tomb – Hue is located on Chu Chanh village, Thuy Bang commune and it is far about 8 kilometers from the city. Thieu Tri came to the throne for seven years; he was sick and passed away on November 4th 1847 (at the age of 41). The King Thieu Tri thought that his death would not waste too much labor and property so that he did not built his tomb.

After coming to the crown, King Tu Duc had geomancers to seek one land for his father’s tomb. The construction began on February 11th 1848 and after 10 months later, it was accomplished. The tomb is divided into two parts: the tomb area and temple area.

The tomb area:

The bronze gate leads to big Binh Dai. Two rows of stone statues on the left and right of the court are are typical of the sculpture art in the first half of 19thcentury in Hue. Tourists can see Bi Dinh and Duc Hinh tower on a tortoise-shell-shaped hill. There have three bridges: Chanh Trung, Dong Hoa and Tay Dinh leading to Buu Thanh.

The temple area:

It is far about 100 meters from Duc Hinh tower. Passing Bieu Duc temple, visitors can access Hong Trach gate. In the middle of Bieu Duc temple, it has tablets of the King and the Queen which are worshiped. In the main temple, the roof was engraved over 450 words as well as poems.

Thieu Tri tomb has unique architecture and beautiful landscape. Besides, in front of the tomb, green trees and rice fields surrounded the tomb ranging from the Huong River to Lim Bridge.

Thieu Tri Tomb, Hue

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