Don Ca Tai Tu topped 10 music events in 2013

Art Don ca tai tu Nam Bo was honored as UNESCO cultural heritage intangible representation of humanity was ranked first in the top 10 events , typical musical activities in 2013 by musicians , journalists journalists working in many art units , domestic press agencies votes .

Don Ca Tai Tu

Art Don ca tai tu Nam Bo

The second event is the Ministry of Culture , Sports and Tourism summarizing 15 years of implementation of the Central Resolution 5 ( VIII ) to build and develop Vietnam culture advanced , imbued with national identity . In this occasion , the Prime Minister issued a directive dated 01.15.2013 No. 459/VPCP on ” Continue composing and preserve and promote the value of music on the theme of two revolutionary struggle for national salvation the past . “

Chain operations of the Vietnam Musicians Organizations including Vietnam Music Day (3 /9) for the fourth time in Hanoi , Ho Chi Minh City and 24 provinces and cities nationwide commemoration 10 years Date of Death ‘s musician – writer and musician Nguyen Dinh Thi Tran Hoan , the concert honoring the career of musician Van Cao , Hoan Tran Ha Noi Opera House , ranked third .

Wednesday ‘s Events : Formation of a new online topic in the historical development of Vietnam music revolution with various types of written works about General Vo Nguyen Giap , including choral music and songs Graduate Vietnam when Gen. composed from the ceiling . In particular , Concert by the Vietnam Symphony Orchestra perform continuous playback on Vietnam Television in the days of national mourning General .

People’s Artist Dang Thai Son with two performances in Vietnam in 2013 ( in Hanoi January 5 series Concerto for Piano and Orchestra Beethoven ; December in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi Plan the “Music of the twentieth century ” ) is the fifth event votes .

Sixth International Piano Festival 2013 ( from 2-7/12/2013 ) at the Music Institute in Ho Chi Minh City with the participation of artists in Vietnam and artists from Russia , America , England , Singapere …

The program ‘s seventh child vocals Vietnam ” The Voice kid ” on Vietnam Television . Program music game encourages the spirit of the younger generation on stage , helped uncover a younger voice that is typical American singers Phuong Chi, Nguyen Quang Anh …

Activity ‘s music 40 years of diplomatic relations with Vietnam – Japan many musical art form rich , which is outstanding tour of Vietnam National Symphony Orchestra in Japan and Japanese artists to perform in Vietnam was ranked eighth .
Vietnam is the ninth most award Mozart International Violin Competition ( ASEAN International Concerto Competition ) held in Jakarta ( Indonesia ) . ASEAN International Concerto Competition is competition for two subjects Violin and Piano , held every two years / times and is considered the scale in Asia . The competition was attended by artists of South Korea , Japan , Vietnam . Indonesia , New Zealand …. Doan Tran Vietnam have U.S. size 9 -year-old children (grades artist Bui Cong Duy ) won the gold medal for best – Table A.

Finally Folk Festival for the second mile Nghe Tinh Ha Tinh organization ( 17-19/8/1013 ) . Festival was held successfully in order to continue to preserve and promote the values ​​typical of folk towards UNESCO events for miles Nghe Tinh Folk is the intangible cultural heritage of humanity .

Don Ca Tai Tu topped 10 music events in 2013

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