Hanoi attractive scenery and the second cheap place in the world

Survey results of the largest travel website TripAdvisor has announced the world to see , Hanoi is the destination that offers the second cheap price in the world, after Sofia of Bulgaria.


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Tripadvisor survey was conducted for 49 cities from 49 countries have a large number of international visitors the most , according to the World Tourism Organization of the United Nations ( UNWTO ) . Accordingly , Oslo , Norway is the most expensive city in the world for tourists .

The results are based on comparing the total cost of 4 categories : cost of one night stay at the 4 star hotel for 2 people , drinks , meals, dinner for 2 people with a bottle of wine included , and costs taxi to and from the distance of 3.2 km per turn .

With this calculation , the cost of two foreign visitors to Hanoi average is only $ 176.14 , and the world’s second lowest after Sofia , Bulgaria ( $ 158.42 ) . Food costs for tourists in Hanoi is the lowest among 49 cities surveyed .

Meanwhile in Oslo , Norway is the most expensive city in the world for tourists when the cost for two people in a day in excess of $ 581.08 .

To help visitors easily imagine the level of ” cheap startled ” in Hanoi , Tripadvisor has launched an interesting comparison : just go 3 turns taxi in Zurich , Switzerland , the second most expensive city in the world , tourists spent $ 144.54 , on par with a night in a 4-star hotel in Hanoi ( $ 142.37 ) . Or the interest cost of a dinner for 2 people in Oslo may be enough for 15 people in Hanoi .

Ranking in the next position in the top 10 cities priced “soft ” for visitors of Poland is Warsaw , Sharm el Sheikh Egypt of Hungary and Budapest . Bangkok , Thailand, one of the competitors the main attractions in the area with Vietnam , ranked at No. 6 . Notably, the hotel and taxi costs here quite a lot cheaper than Hanoi .

Just spend about $ 109.27 , two tourists were able to spend the night in 4 star hotel in Bangkok , while the cost of a taxi on the way cheaper by half in Hanoi ( $ 3.13 versus $ 6.1 ) . However, the price for dinner for two at here is almost 70 USD while in Hanoi is only $ 36.71 . And price drinks cocktails at two places are equal , guests pay $ 18.23 respectively at 19 USD in Hanoi and Bangkok .

When compared at the level of the continent , the Asian cities in the tour cost is much lower than in Europe , where cities ( Oslo , Zurich , Stockholm , Paris , London and Copenhagen ) accounted for 6 positions Top 10 most expensive cities for tourists . While there are four Asian cities in the top 10 cities with the lowest travel costs .

Singapore , a familiar destination for many other Vietnam ranked 15th among the most expensive cities in the world . According to calculations by TripAdvisor , the average cost for one night at this hotel up to $ 247.09 , more than 2 times in Hanoi . / .

Hanoi attractive scenery and the second cheap place  in the world

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