Phu Quoc Island – a heaven of corals

It seems that due to the fresh water, corals in Phu Quoc island (Kien Giang) are colorful and their density attracts many tourists and makes them want to explore the beauty of corals under the sea.

Phu Quoc island

Phu Quoc

Phu Quoc Island is located 120 kilometers from Rach Gia port with approximately 2.5 hours when using the high-speed trains or 7-8 hours when sitting ships or fishing vessels . If visitor choose to fly, they only can take about 25 minutes from Rach Gia airport, or 45 minutes from Tan Son Nhat airport (Ho Chi Minh City).

For a long time, Phu Quoc Island is known as a beautiful island with white sands and clear blue water. After walking on forest or white sands, visitors take ships to reach small islands. Many islands in Phu Quoc island have a few people. Therefore, they have seemed to remain their natural beauty. Especially, there are the colorful coral reefs in these islands. According to the program survey of the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), Phu Quoc has nearly a total of 480 hectares of coral reefs. Namely, An Thoi archipelago which is located in the south of Phu has over 360 hectares of coral reefs.

To reach corals in the northern island, visitors can rent a cruise ship at Bai Sao or An Thoi port with the price depending on size and amenities and take 45-60 minutes to travel. Ships often stop at Da Chao plain and tourists can swim and explore deserted islands before moving to Ky Lan to dive into the water and see corals.

The coral layers stacked each other make guests feel like walking in a city with arts. The old coral reefs die and become stones while new coral reefs grow over there. If visitors are at Hon Mun, Hon Tam ( Nha Trang ), they must wear wet suits and bring sinkers to dive at least 4-6 meters undersea and see coral reefs.  However, if they are at Phu Quoc island sea, tourists just wear a life jacket and carry goggles with air vents and explore the undersea world from the sea surface. Even people who cannot swim also see corals.

Phu Quoc

Phu Quoc island corals are 360 species consisting of mainly hard corals, less than 10 species of soft corals. When it’s sunny and the sea is clear, visitors can see corals at depths of 8-10 meters. Many people also rent the diving service to explore more corals living in different depths. The diversity of coral has created an ideal habitat for reef fish. The more colorful corals are, the more colorful fish are. It is said that seeing Phu Quoc island corals is not different from watching programs on TV. Each fish moves very fast and sparkles in sunlight. Sometimes, they may hesitate like welcoming strangers to their city. If divers do not move much, fish do not run away and swim around coral reefs. Sometimes, there are big schools of colorful fish hovering about coral reefs as they are dancing.

Phu QuocVisitors can rent boats to offshore islands and deserted corals such Hon May Rut, Hon Mong Tay or Hon Dam Ngang to enjoy more colorful coral reefs and swim. Particularly Hon Thom is inhabited but it is a place having the largest area of ​​coral reefs with about 44 hectares. The rental price for using boats depends on the agreement between visitors and wharfingers.

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Phu Quoc Island – a heaven of corals

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