Co To Island

Co To island is one of the islands that remain their natural beauty and one of the most beautiful beaches in northern Vietnam in Halong bay.

Co To Island is one of the islands that remain their natural beauty and one of the most beautiful beaches in northern Vietnam.

Co To Island

In fact,Co To Island is located in Co To district (including Co To town, Thanh Lan village, Dong Tien), Quang Ninh province. The sea consists of 15 large and small islands, of which there are three large islands namely Co To island, Thanh Lan and Tran island. All islands belong to the marine protected area along with Cat Ba.

If you are in a helicopter, or travel alone, you are amazed when you stand on high looking down beloved these islands. They are really beautiful and attractive.

Co To Island

For the first two hours, you will find the sea calm and imposing mountains. But for the third hour, it seems that waves start to be stronger, your ship may be staggered depending on the weather of that day. However, you should not be afraid.  You enjoy it as an interesting experience. If you are still seasick, you should sit down, close your eyes, take a nap if you do not want to open your eyes, and feel bouts of boats and waves.

Travel to Co To Island to discover enjoy beaches that are as beautiful as in Nha Trang or Lang Co, maybe even more wonderful with sunlight and wind.

And now, you should be happy with what Co To Island have. Because you come here is to enjoy yourself nature, fresh air, spectacular sceneries, dive into blue sea, build sand castles on sand stretches of beaches, and watch sand-crabs.

Co To Island has not only sea but also primeval forests, beautiful paths like a dream. Therefore, you can ride bicycle. If you are interested in exploring, ride to the highest place of Co To Island “Co To lighthouse”. And when you stand there, you can look down and watch sights, and talk with friendly soldiers.

Co To Island
Sunrise, sunset, evening and everything on Co To Island are wonderful and inspire you to interesting summer days. Even some people say that Co To looks like Hawaii.

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