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Grilled Sharpbelly is just a small fish in a river stream, but when roasted, Sharpbelly (Cá mương) becomes the special dish of Phu Yen people…

Just a small fish in a river stream, but when roasted, Sharpbelly (Cá mương) becomes the special dish of Phu Yen people and of course one of too.

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In recent years, Phu Yen Vietnam began welcoming tourists thanks to landmarks such as Gềnh Reef, Đại Lãnh Cape, Swallow tower … But most tourists find Phu Yen Vietnam most remembered through cuisine with unique dishes (also in our list of but as simple as Rice Spaghetti Soup with Green shallot, Steamed Rice Cakes, Steamed Chopped Fish, Jackfruit sweet soup, Sharpbelly, etc.

As simple as the dish is but Grilled Sharpbelly (Cá mương nướng) is a very famous dish in the land of Phu Yen Vietnam where visitors can hardly ignore.

In the above mentioned dishes, one can hardly forget the crispy, spicy taste of Grilled Sharpbelly rolled with ricepaper (Cá mương nướng cuốn bánh tráng). It’s a simple dish with a little golden crispy grilled sharpbelly, add a little fresh noodles, vegetables, ricepaper and Boomm… you’ve got a dish so tasty to resist.
Like other freshwater fishes such as sand goby, white fish … Sharpbelly shape is long and thin, up to an adult finger, usually live in herds in the rivers and streams in this area. However, according to the people of Phu Yen, those only caught in NgânSơn River will provide fresh meat, fragrant and chewy. That’s not surprising when Sharpbelly in Ngan Son River is listed par with Ô Loan lagoon oysters (a famous specialties around the country) – and definitely listed in our list of .Crispy Golden Grilled Sharpbelly – its smell is really attractive.
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Fresh Sharpbelly is caught, washed and grilled (or fried) then will be cooked over charcoal fire. When grilling, you need to always turnover each side so that its scab is cooked without being charred. When you can smell its attractivefragrance then you can pick up a plate and enjoy.

In windy afternoon here, having sit down next to a charcoal fire, grill a bunch of Sharpbelly till it is golden and enjoy will not be a letdown to anybody.

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