Hanoi Local Food

Hanoi is one of famous city about local delicious food, there are many kinds of food or dishes at here, and one of the most special food is Pho (noodle), if you arrive to Hanoi, you should not miss this food.

Hanoi Local Food

This food is very special for everyone from children to older, anyone could eat this food. The fact, to do Pho is not so difficult, it just includes beef, rice noodle, , water noodle is made from water with bone of beef or pig. But to do and complete a delicious noodle bowl to be not easy.

Hanoi Local Food

Pho Hanoi

Almost Hanoi an prefer to have breakfast by Pho is also one of Hanoi local food, you could eat Pho anytime in a day as breakfast, lunch or dinner. But, enjoy Pho in the morning as breakfast is the most popular.

Beside Pho, Hanoi has another food that is as famous as Pho that is Bun Cha is also one of Hanoi local food and Cha Ca La Vong is also one of Hanoi local food. Two these food are very special for tourists who arrive to Hanoi in the first time.

Hanoi Local Food

Bun Cha

If you do not have much time to stay in Hanoi, you should court to enjoy these food during your time at here, I believe that it is very worth for you to take it, take Hanoi local food

Beside that, there are many kind of cakes in Hanoi as green cake, glutinous rice cake….these cakes are very special and delicious. For Vietnamese weddings always have green cake, this is considered as offerings of bride bring to bridegroom in his wedding.

Hanoi Local Food

Cha Ca La Vong

This article just give you the best and most famous food in Hanoi only, beside suggested food above, you could try many different food in your meals in Hanoi local restaurants as fried meat roll, crisp shrimp pastry….I wish you have the best food choices during your time in Hanoi as well as in Vietnam country.

Hanoi Local Food

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