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Tea (Vietnam Drinks)

Vietnam Drinks

Tea Vietnam

Since long ago, tea one of Vietnam drinks has been planted in Vietnam. Tea is dear to the Vietnamese people as coffee is to the European people.

The provinces of Thai Nguyen, Tuyen Quang, Ha Giang, Yen Bai, and Lao Cai, are regions famous for their tea plant hills. There are ancients tea plants, 300 years old or older, with trunks of about 1m in diameter. To produce good tea, the tea planter must harvest their tea at just the right time, if he misses this favourable day, his tea leaves will be too old making the tea less palatable. After harvesting, the tealeaves are put through five steps: withering, crushing, keeping warm, drying over a fire, and selection.

Rice Alcohol and other Spirits (Vietnam Drinks)

Vietnam Drinks

Alcohol Vietnam

As in other countries, during festivities and meetings between friends and relatives, Vietnamese people ordinary drink alcohol one of Vietnam drinks. Alcohol in Vietnam is classified into a great number of categories, depending on the material used for processing (rice maize, potato, fruit, etc). Rice alcohol, specifically sticky rice with yellow flower alcohol, is the best. However, the most popular alcohol in Vietnam is the ruou trang from ordinary rice.

Alcohol production involves many steps: rice cooking, blending with a yeast, and distilling.

Alcohol is ordinarily kept in jars, big or small, with a stopper made of a few banana leaves to preserve the alcohol. When drinking alcohol, it is poured into small china bottles and sometimes into gourd and then drunk from small cups (buffalo-eye cup). In ancient times, alcohol was drunk in four rounds. The expression “tea three, alcohol four” comes from this practice meaning that when drinking tea, one drinks until the third cup, and when drinking alcohol, one drinks until the fourth cup.



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