Vietnam Transportation

Vietnam transportation is improving rapidly even though it is still listed among countries with highest rates of accidents. When you travel long distance from one province to another, airplane, buses from credited travel agency and train are the safer options.

Air of Vietnam Transportation

  • International FlightAbout International Flights to Vietnam.
  • Domestic FlightAbout Domestic Air Travel in Vietnam
  • Domestic AirlinesInformation about airlines in Vietnam.
  • AirportInformation about Vietnam Airports
  • Vietnam Transportation

    Vietnam Airline

Rail of Vietnam Transportation

  • Railway SystemAbout Railway System in Vietnam
  • North-South TrainAbout Express Train in Vietnam.
  • Night TrainsAbout taking night trains in Vietnam
  • Hanoi – Sapa TrainAbout taking train from Hanoi to Sapa.
  • Train StationsAbout Hanoi, Hue, HCMC train stations.
  • Train TimetablesVietnam train schedule and tickets
  • Train Seats and BerthsTypes and class of train seat and berth.
  • Ticket ReservationHow to reserve and buy a train ticket in Vietnam.
  • Vietnam train travelAbout travelling by train in Vietnam
Vietnam Transportation


Bus of Vietnam Transportation

  • Bus in VietnamGeneral Information about Buses.
  • Bus StationsAbout Bus Terminals in Vietnam
  • Hanoi BusAbout Taking Buses in Hanoi.
  • Ho Chi Minh City BusAbout Traveling by Bus in Ho Chi Minh City.
Vietnam Transportation


Cars of Vietnam Transportation

  • Car RentalAbout Car Rental in Vietnam.
  • Driving LicenseAbout Driving License in Vietnam.
  • Highways About Highway System in Vietnam
  • TaxiAbout taking taxi in Vietnam

Motorbike of Vietnam Transportation

  • Motorbike TravelAbout Motorbikes in Vietnam.
  • Xe OmA comprehensive guide to taking xe-om in Vietnam.
  • Motorbike RentalHow to rent a motorbike in Vietnam
Vietnam Transportation

Xe Om

Others of Vietnam Transportation

  • Traffic JamsOverview of Traffic Jams in Vietnam.
  • BicyclesAbout Riding a Bicycle in Vietnam
  • WalkingInformation about Walking in Vietnam
  • TrekkingAll about trekking in Vietnam.

Border Crossing of Vietnam Transportation

  • Vietnam – ChinaAbout crossing the border between Vietnam and China.
  • Vietnam-LaosAbout crossing the border between Vietnam and Laos
  • Vietnam-CambodiaAbout crossing the border between Vietnam and Cambodia.

How do I get there?

  • International RoutesA complete list of international routes to Vietnam

    Vietnam Transportation

    Halong Bay Cruise

  • Domestic RoutesHow to get from one city to another in Vietnam


Cruise of Vietnam Transportation

  • About Cruising in VietnamCruises in Vietnam contain 3 main types: International cruise, Premium Cruise and River Cruise.
  • Halong Bay CruiseHalong Bay is best enjoyed via cruise.
  • Mekong CruiseHow to venture Mekong on a cruise

Vietnam Transportation

Vietnamese popular transportation

How easy transfer in Vietnam

How travel easy in Vietnam